5 Best Gadgets Under $100 5 Best Gadgets Under $100

Buying gadgets seem to be an expensive undertaking nowadays, what with many advanced... 

Buying a Computer Processor: Six Factors to Consider Buying a Computer Processor: Six Factors to Consider

When you’re trying to build your own computer from scratch or upgrading for a higher... 

7 Popular Gadgets 7 Popular Gadgets

Apple iPad air This is arguably the hottest item out in the market right now, not... 

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Technology and Gadgets Information

Apple’s iPhones or Google Androids Apple’s iPhones or Google Androids

Apple’s iPhones and Google Androids rule the Smartphone Market by Far    The... 

How To Clean a Laptop How To Clean a Laptop

There are 5 general parts of a laptop you need to keep clean: the case, keyboard... 

Fujifilm Z900EXR Fujifilm Z900EXR

Fujifilm has recently released its latest series of Company Z line, a stylish compact... 

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Technology and Gadgets

Nook Tablet versus Kindle Fire

The new Nook tablet looks pretty much similar with the Nook Color, except for the black border that has been grayed out. On the other hand, when comparing Nook Tablet to the Kindle Fire, the latter looks plain and dull, some users even called it a tablet for monks. Also, there’s a hook on the side of it that mystifies some, allowing you to tether... [Read more of this article]

Toshiba Thrive 7” Tablet

Last summer, Toshiba released its mini version of Thrive 10” and appropriately named it Thrive 7”. Its 10-inch predecessor had some baggage, such as lower than average battery life, toy-like design and a bug that keeps it from turning on after recharging. Without a doubt, Thrive 7” looks nearly identical, and it even includes some of the same... [Read more of this article]

Kingston HyperX Memory Review 

The Pros The first ever “Sandy Bridge” ready, ModuleFaster frequencies RAM available today with CompetitionPlug and play simplicity is the Kingston HyperX Memory.   A couple of weeks ago, Kingston announced the release of their new RAM – the HyperX, which allows Plug and play high performance memory for notebooks, the first to include “Sandy... [Read more of this article]

Four Reasons to buy an Optical Mouse

Are you still using the old, obsolete and hard-to-navigate mouse with heavy mouse ball underneath? It’s hard to believe that there are still people using it, but if you still are, here are some great reasons to switch to an optical mouse. Low Maintenance Because optical mouse don’t rely on balls to detect cursor’s location on your computer’s... [Read more of this article]

Tips For Sharing Your Amazon Kindle Ebooks

If you are a bookworm and have a knack for modern gadgets, then you might already have your own Amazon Kindle. This is one of the most popular ebook reader out there in the market and it a great gadget to have for die-hard book readers because it enables you to take your hobby on-the-go. However, one of the biggest qualms that readers have with the... [Read more of this article]

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